Spacers: Gunner's Mate


In the PC game Spacers: Gunner’s Mate you will live through (hopefully) the story of the Mother Space soldier, who volunteered to a secret programme allowing him to operate weapon systems with the power of his mind. It’s a dark-themed story-rich space shooter, like no other (like all others claim as well, but someone has to be right, right?), with an intriguing mystery, believable NPCs, and unique skill-based module-rich combat mechanics.

Join the army, they said, you’ll see the world… you’ll meet new people… and shoot a whole lot of them. And they were right.


Spacers will be focused on 30+ hours of a captivating story, written by our experienced in-house story-tellers (believe us, if you can keep managers awake through data presentation, you need to be good at it. Also, we have debuted in sci-fi over seven years ago, and have over a thousand pages of sci-fi books written (our first book is translated to English as you read it)).
Be prepared to laugh, to cry, and to rage (sorry, it’s part of the package).
Check the demo for the first dose. It’s free.


Spacers' battle system is based on the best available sci-fi combat engine, the one and only Space Combat Kit.
In the game, you’ll get to control cool means of destruction. Lasers, projectile & plasma weapons, missiles. You name it.
All ships you’ll encounter will be heavily armoured, but also modular, so taking them out will require either overwhelming firepower (yeah, sure, each and every army is known for providing grunts with what they need, aren’t they?), or a skill.
Oh. And don’t forget for whom you’re fighting. Expect the unexpected. Equipment is faulty, officers are halfwits, procedures are flawed (just remember that Mother Space is perfect nevertheless!). Especially when shot at. So don’t be surprised if this little ignored missile will blow a module your ship needs to e.g. give you visuals on the enemy.
Good luck!


You'll have to rely on your skills. All weapon systems will have built-in perks and quirks (not available in the demo yet, sorry). They will be easy to grasp, and difficult to master.
E.g. some weapons will deal more damage with overcharged shots, but as you can imagine “spray and pray” fire will be more of an annoyance than a danger to the incoming enemy. Other weapons will be very distance-sensitive, so your experience in attack timing may be crucial for mission success.


Spiritus movens of Spacers. Worked for two decades in cutting-edge research, global corp data science, multi-million project management (and some in his opinion cool, alas, unrecognized graphic design).
Boring, boring, boring!
He’s a role-player, writer and last, but not least, the gamer. So let him do the game!


Data-Scientist, Machine Learning specialist, writer, LARP'er, mother.
Bored with Science, bored with Data Science, not bored with story-telling yet.
If after playing the demo you’ll feel like you really want to know what the heck is (and will be) happening - blame her.


We plan to focus on the content. The whole current engine, as you see it in the demo, was built using acquired resources, contracted work, and smart project planning (like, e.g. no meetings, no sprints, no KPIs, just good, old, goal-oriented Kanban).
We plan to keep it going like that for as long as we can. We have bespoken programmers, graphic designers, and voice-over artists, who want to do what they love, not to spend their lives meeting expectations of middle management.

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